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Botox para homens
Botox para homens
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Injeções de Botox
Injeções de Botox
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Tratamento de Botox
Tratamento de Botox
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What is Botox or Botulinum Toxin?

Botox, known as botulinum toxin, contributes to facial rejuvenation, because it acts as a temporary paralyzing agent for the muscles of the face that form those uncomfortable expression marks on the skin. THE  procedure is not definitive and will not result in a paralysis of your facial expressions, as we hear a lot about. It is important to choose a trustworthy professional who is experienced in the application of Botox and who preserves the movement of these muscles in question. 

This procedure is effective, especially when performed for prevention after the age of 30 years. We work with 3 brands of botulinum toxin: Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®.

The benefits of botox

The main benefits of the procedure:


  • Application is virtually painless;

  • Return to work and exercise routines almost immediately;

  • Gives a lighter and more balanced look to the face;

  • It can be used in cases of neurological sequelae.

  • Fast and predictable results;

  • Can be used at other points in the face area;

The application of botox

How is the application of botulinum toxin performed?


The specialist assesses the face at rest and during the most common movements of expressions, such as: smile, fright and worry. From there, it creates a treatment plan with the points that will receive the toxin and in what quantities. Then, after cleaning the patient's face, the specialist applies the substance with a syringe and extra fine needle. In this initial stage, it is possible to use anesthetic creams, ice and other methods to reduce pain, which is already very tolerable.

The procedure takes an average of 30 minutes and is performed in the office itself. The patient can return to normal activities almost immediately. There is a possibility of small bruises caused by the famous “needles”, but they are temporary and can be disguised with makeup.

The onset of action of the toxin occurs within 24 to 48 hours after the application of  botulinum toxin  and its full effect, in 15 days, when a reassessment is recommended. The duration of action of the toxin is 4 to 6 months. It is recommended to wait this period for a new application, because there is a risk that the person will develop some resistance to the substance. 

Despite the transient effect, if performed regularly, botulinum toxin can bring long-term benefits, as it causes prolonged remodeling in the treated muscles.

The advantages of botox

Facial rejuvenation without the need for surgery is the biggest advantage!

Treatments with botulinum toxin can leave the face looking lighter and younger to the skin, as they reduce wrinkles  formed by muscle activity created by expressions. And they also improved the position of some structures, such as symmetry of the eyebrows. Unlike surgery, the benefits can be seen within the first 2 days after the procedure.


One of the great benefits of the application of botulinum toxin is the short time for the results to be noticed. It is very common that, after 48 hours of application, patients already notice changes in facial expression, even if the full action occurs around 15 days after the procedure.

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