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volume-russo-alongamento-de-cilios - Campinas - Studio Luciana Masson
volume-russo-alongamento-de-cilios - Campinas - Studio Luciana Masson
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What are eyelash extensions / eyelashes?
Eyelash Extensions or Lengthening / Eyelashes are ultra-thin and lightweight synthetic threads that mimic a natural eyelash. Extensions are applied one by one to natural eyelashes individually. to natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions are available in a vast number of lengths and thicknesses. The extensionist will assess your facial structure and talk to you to better understand what style of eyelash extensions you are interested in. The overall appearance of the extensions is very natural.

It is important to maintain the correct care with this type of eyelashes, as they are not natural and are very delicate, and if they are plucked by force, they can also end up eliminating the natural hairs.

What are eyelashes/eyelashes  Russian volume?

Russian Volume Synthetic Lashes / Eyelashes are also known as 2D, 3D, 4D and etc volume lashes. This extension technique, of Russian origin, creates a much fuller effect, as we place several lashes in a fan or bouquet shape on each natural lash, making it possible  a look  fuller than traditional classic eyelashes.


As eyelashes/russElashes have a thinner diameter than the traditional ones (0.05mm against 0.20), it is very important to know how to account for the supported weight of the client's natural eyelash, so that there is no  possibility of damage to the natural hairs after its application. Another interesting feature about Russian eyelashes is that the  Extensionist prepares each set of lashes at the time of application, with the help of specific tweezers that open the hairs before application. This delicate procedure leaves these lashes looking even more natural and beautiful.

What is the duration of this application?

The Russian volume technique usually lasts approximately 4 weeks after application. This duration, however, varies according to the care that each client has with the eye region  after applying eyelash extension.  The Russian Volume technique for eyelash extension has gained more and more followers in recent years worldwide and little by little here in Brazil.


Wire Maintenance

Our yarns have a growth cycle that varies between 21 and 90 days.  "During this period they fall randomly, for this reason we recommend maintenance between 3 to 4 weeks so as not to lose the beauty of the complete technique".



In the first 48 hours after the procedure, it is recommended to avoid hot water and steam  to ensure the best performance of the glue. Whenever wetting the wires it is necessary  dry well  (with a paper towel or a flat towel, which does not have little hairs that catch and end up pulling on the eyelashes) and then  comb them with a brush  (like the ones we use to comb the eyebrows). When taking off your makeup, prefer  oil free products  (as they damage the glue), tissue remover is a good option!

It is important not to rub your eyelashes and to avoid using a mask.  

Service:  Campinas - SP - Brazil  / Maia - Porto - Portugal

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